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Trade show hall 21, the solar power plant and the participation of the citizens

The well-proven Schletter mounting system AluGrid was chosen for this project. 146 people from the supply area of the Austrian power supplier Wels Strom contributed to the financing of this project. Since September 2015, these citizens are actually their own power suppliers and reduce carbon emissions by 65 tons a year.

The power supplier Wels Strom built up this solar power plant with a total power of 200 kW in cooperation with the trade show organizer Messe Wels on the roof of the new trade show hall 21. The total solar module area is about 1,600 m2. Private investors could apply for shares of 500, 1000 or 2000 euros, the maximum amount per person was 2000 euros which corresponds to 4 solar modules. The people living in Greater Wels were really enthusiastic about this offer. All shares were sold out within a few days. As far as the prices on the solar market remain the same, the solar plant can be extended by another 200 kW in 2016, says Lothar Müller from the power supplier Wels Strom.

Also the trade show organizers from Messe Wels are happy about the new solar plant. After all, this state of the art solar power plant on the roof of the new trade show hall 21 perfectly fits the image of Messe Wels. All new trade show halls have been built according to ecological criteria. Europe´s biggest energy congress, the trend-setting “World Sustainable Energy Days“ took place in Wels from March 1 – 3, 2016. And from February 24 to 28, the Expoenergy took place in Wels. 98,720 visitors and 846 exhibitors from 13 countries showed how important this trade show is. The Expoenergy is a trend indicator highlighting all questions of Austria´s future power supply.

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