Schletter mounting systems withstands hurricane “Matthew”

Schletter mounting systems prove their quality once more: As our customer Soventix told us, other solar power stations in the Carribbean had to be switched off for safety reasons. However, the solar power station “Monte Plata” in the Domican Republic kept generating clean power. No damage was reported, either.

With wind speeds of up to 230 kilometers per hour, “Matthew” raged over the Dominican Republic on October 4, 2016 and caused huge damage there. Streets were flooded and the storm broke trees and power poles.

In a press release, the company Soventix GmbH stated that the components installed in the solar plant in Monte Plata were chosen according to the requirements of hurricane regions. The planners put special focus on the extremely high wind loads that are caused by hurricanes.

“We are happy that our solar farm not only withstood the hurricane, but the generation of solar power could be kept up without interruption. This shows the high quality of the components installed and our expertise in building high-value and robust solar plants” explains Mirko Schiezl, EPC manager at Soventix. This company had designed this project and set up the solar power plant with the support of local subcontractors and also put it into operation in April 2016. The solar mounting systems are made by Schletter. The company General Energy Solutions (GES), the biggest photovoltaic system supplier in Taiwan, is the owner of this solar plant.

The solar plant is located in Monte Plata, in the north of Santo Doming in the Dominican Republic. On an area that has the size of 65 football fields (FIFA and UEFA standard: 105 m x 68 m), more than 130,000 solar modules and 1,000 inverters provide clean solar power. The well-proven Schletter two-support fastening system FS Duo made of steel was used for this project.


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