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One of the most competitive French solar plants installed reliably and safely with the FS Duo solar mounting system made by Schletter

In late September 2016, the first part of the solar farm in Marmagne (Cher) was inaugurated. The Schletter solar mounting system FS Duo Combi had been chosen as a supporting structure. Our customer Advanced Energies planned and developed the project together with the Langa Group. The solar plant was set up by Schletter.

On September 29, the first part of the solar power plant was inaugurated in the presence of senior local politicians in the Département Cher in the region of Centre-Val de Loire. Under a blue sky and with lots of sunshine, Nathalie Colin, the prefect of Cher, Aymar de Germay, the mayor of Marmagne, Pascal Blanc, the mayor of Bourges, Régis Bergougnan and other representants of VINCI and the Langa Group took part in the inauguration ceremony. The second project phase is scheduled for the middle of 2017. After completion, the solar farm will have a total power of about 8 MWp.

A regional project within the framework of the Ecopôle
The solar park is part of the Ecopôle project from the year 2010. On an area of 43 hectares, the efficiency of ecological economic activities is tested in this “environmental zone”.  Due to its geographic location, this area is a showcase of the problems of the generation and distribution of renewable energies in France. On this terrain, there are already a composition plant for biomass, storages for wood pellets and a wind farm. Now, there is also a solar farm and further projects are in the pipeline.

Many local companies were involved and contributed to the success of the project. The operations took 5 months. The solar farm with its current power of 2.7 MWp covers an area of about 5 hectares. This is enough power to supply 1,000 four-person households for a year. 11,232 solar panels, 40 inverters, one transformer and last but not least the Schletter solar mounting system FS DUO Combi make sure that the power of the sun can be used reliably. The annual reduction of CO2 – calculated on a basis of 100 g CO2 per kWh – will be about 4,000 tons. After the completion of phase 2, the solar power station will cover a total area of 15 hectares and will have a total power of 8 MWp.

One of the most competitive solar power plants in France
Électricité de France SA (EDF) will buy the solar power at a price of less than EUR 70 per MWh for a period of 20 years. Thus, this solar plant is one of the most competitive ones in France. Even if this price is higher than the usual prices on the market (less than EUR per 40 MWh), it still represents the competitiveness of solar power in France and world-wide. The private investors (Advanced Energies, Banque Palatine, Bpifrance, LANGA Group and Régis Bergougnan, manager at AGRATECH) took advantage of decreasing solar panel prices, but that was not all: “Really all costs have been optimized“, Gilles Lebreux, the president of the Langa Group, explains.

French and European companies work hand in glove
For the realization of the two billion solar project, the Langa Group joined forces with Advanced Energies which is a company of the VINCI Group and played a leading role on location. The two partners have chosen French and European that have already proven their competence. “These French and European companies have big know-how and are very competitive, says Gilles Lebreux.


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